April 23, 2015

Project Life 2015 | Week 13

 I have another spread to share with you today as I try to get up to date. This is week 13 (Mar 23-29). I tried a different style this week, using Paislee Press photo templates. Also included is a little BCQ Designs May release sneak peek.


Products Used: Design A, Paislee Press 4x6 photo templates, BCQ Designs word stamp journal card (coming soon), BCQ Weekenders Journal card, SC Color Theory ink pad, VersaMagic white ink pad, date stamp

* Project Life is a product, system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. In 2015, I'm creating a spread for each week of the year. Here are all of my pages from 2013, 2014 + 2015.
April 20, 2015

My Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Let me start off by saying that I'm using the term "spring" loosely here, because the weather here in Vegas has been quite up and down the past month. I find that one day I'm in shorts and a tee, and the next I'm bundling up with a light scarf. As such, my "spring" wardrobe still includes a good amount of layered items. You can see my winter wardrobe here.

I'm also not going to hold myself to a specific timeline for wearing these items, because soon enough it will be sweltering here and I'll be opting to wear as little as is socially acceptable. And dresses. Lots of summer dresses.

Without further adieu, here's a look at my spring capsule wardrobe for 2015, a total of 44 items (which now seems like WAY too much...) * denotes a new addition, ** denotes a carry over from my winter wardrobe.

TOPS: Wild tank from Ross*, lace tank from Rhapsodielle*, grey vest, walk write wander wonder tee**, you me oui! tee**, black top* (similar here), black tank, taupe jersey top*, natural white jersey tank*, target vintage v neck tee in yellow**, striped jersey top*, blue long tank from marshall's*, striped tunic from ASOS, camel waterfall cardigan from target, striped Tory Burch shirt (hand me down), military jacket from H&M circa 2005, target vintage v neck tee in plum, grey cardigan from Forever21.

DRESSES: Striped tank dress from ASOS, grey jersey dress, black jersey dress, blue maxi from Charlotte Russe, aztec maxi from Ross, striped tank dress from H&M.
BOTTOMS: grey JCrew shorts, blue JCrew shorts, green old navy shorts, jersey skirt*, Hollister jean shorts, white Gap shorts.

BOTTOMS: aztec maxi skirt (hand me down), old navy rockstar jeans**, Hollister jeans, old navy rockstar jeans, Coral crop pants from Hottie, white jeans from Hottie, black leggings**, RBX cropped activewear pants from Marshall's*.
SHOES: mint converse, canvas leopard loafers from Target, Gizeh Birkenstocks*, Nike runners**, black converse, gold sandals from Le Chateua circa 2009.

And that's it! 44 items, which is a little more than I anticipated, but I need to keep my bases covered in terms of warm days and cool nights.

If you've blogged about your spring wardrobe, please comment below as I'd love to see yours!

April 17, 2015

Project Life 2015 | Week 12

 It's hard to believe that it's been a few weeks now since I've shared a Project Life spread. I had plenty going on to keep me away from creating and sharing my pages, but I'm happy to report that I'm all caught up. I'm going to be posting a little more frequently until I get up to date.

Here's a look at week 12 (March 16-22):

The left side is a design F page that I trimmed down.

Right side, design A. Lots of fun stamping this week.

And another look at the full spread.


Products Used: Design F (trimmed), Design A, Midnight Edition, Seafoam Edition, kellie stamps hashtag set, Kelly Purkey outline alphabet stamp, Kelly Purkey Take Note stamp set, SC Color Theory ink pad, date stamp

* Project Life is a product, system and a lifestyle created by Becky Higgins. In 2015, I'm creating a spread for each week of the year. Here are all of my pages from 2013, 2014 + 2015.
April 13, 2015

Project Life 2015 | Stamping Pt.2

A couple weeks ago I talked a little bit about my experiences with ink pads, which to use and when, and mentioned that I've fallen in love with stamping in my Project Life spreads. Today, I wanted to give you a look at how I've been using my stamps lately.

To begin, here's a short video showing you one of my favorite and most recent uses.

Here's a closer look at the photo that I stamped in the video above.

Here, I used just the box portion of a wood mount stamp from Kellie Stamps, and stamped onto white card stock. Then I added a date stamp and attached it to the photo.

Here, used a few different Kelly Purkey stamps on white card stock to create a journaling spot, then added  simple date stamp.

Lastly, I like to stamp directly on a filler card, like I did here with a stamp from #kelliestamps Hashtag set. Add a quick underline, and done!

April 7, 2015

It's Time to Channel some Babe Vibes

A few weeks ago now, I had a really rough day; not in the bad-day-at-work kind of way, rather an I-can't-do-anything-right kind of rough day. It peaked around the time that I pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store one night and turned off the ignition, and I knew that things could go in two ways: I could walk in there, fuming for twenty minutes over a bad day, or I could do something to snap myself out of it.

I chose the latter.

I picked up my iPhone and opened the camera app to take a selfie. I took my time, fluffing my hair to give it some more volume, reapplying my lipstick, and positioning my hand just-so so that you could see my blue colored nails that I had painted for the first time in weeks. I snapped the photo.

Because I had enough time, I shared my photo on Instagram along with the following caption:

"In true Kara Haupt fashion, I'm channeling some babe vibes + trying to show myself some love! I don't know about the rest of you lovelies out there, but I am SO hard on myself. I curse my oily, acne prone skin and crazy eyebrows I can rarely tame. I hate my small breasts and my curly hair that I would so much rather be straight. I worry too much about what others think, compare myself and my life to others far too much, and would change about a million other things about my body. But today, right now, this photo makes me feel beautiful. Maybe sometimes I just need that reminder."

The idea of "self-love" is all over the internet these days, making it hard to ignore, and I'm thinking that it's time that I really start to pay more attention to how I'm spending my time, meaning: what I'm watching or reading or viewing that is not contributing in a positive manner. And, my self-talk can certainly use some work as well (that voice inside that says: I'm not good enough, my work isn't good enough, I'm so boring, etc). I come from a past that was riddled with insults and teasing from peers about my body, and that kind of thing stays with you, and affects you more than you sometimes realize. It's something that I grapple with every day, and something that I have been (finally) working through in my own way.

Self-love is defined as: regard for one's own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).

To me, it's knowing that you have to be happy with yourself, and love yourself, before you can love anyone else. I'm finally taking steps on my journey towards true self-love, through some serious studying of my internal self, and through the new #myselfiescrapbook project, and I truly want everyone out there reading this, to take a long, hard look at how you feel about yourself, and to join me in channeling some serious babe vibes.

And taking selfies sure does help.
April 3, 2015

Inspiration from the Creative Team | April 2015

I'm so excited to be sharing with you some recent spreads from my creative team. These eight girls each have their own distinct style and ways of showcasing my products. From the way they embellish my journal cards to how they put their spin on the sets, I hope you'll find some inspiration in these pages each month.

Grab a tea, coffee or your other favorite drink, and get ready to be inspired.

 Layout by Jen C, featuring Shopaholic and Weekenders.

 Layout by Jen L, featuring It's a Bad Day and Weekenders.

 Layout by Marta, featuring Weekenders and Creative Mess.

Layout by Caylee featuring Weekenders, Wake up and Oh So Great.

Layout by Mandy, featuring Weekenders.

Layout by Tiffany, featuring Weekenders, Word Stamps No.4 and Conversations No.2

Layout by Jess, featuring Weekenders, Conversations No.1 and 52 Weeks

 Layout by Kellie, using Weekenders.

That's it, guys. I hope you were inspired by these awesome spreads. Make sure to come back early next month for the next look at what my Creative Team is putting together! Happy Scrapbooking!